Thank you so much for the great batch of hay. It was so funny – when I gave Kiko the new hay, he didn’t start eating it, he just started sniffing it all over and I thought “Now what?!”. But then, all of a sudden, he stopped sniffing, and started shovelling it into his mouth, making delighted noises (hmmhmmhm, hmmhmmhmm) as though he hadn’t eaten for a year – sort of the same reaction I used to have when I was a kid and my Mother would make home-made pancakes or a fresh batch of hot perogies 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks for all your efforts. Kiko sends his regards and says the aroma was as nice as the aroma from a fin wine!

S Jenko


Tino is doing really well 🙂 Looking great with good weight on him! Probably looking the best ever! Riding almost monthly in Dressage Clinics and it’s going well! He’s going to be 19 in April!

Kind Regards


We started using the Transfeeder Hay with the easyfeed option in the spring of 2012. We are on the road from late May until the start of the September hauling 20 head of horses up and down the road. We find the compact bales easier to handle then conventional bales. We are also able to haul almost twice the amount of feed in a smaller area. The quality of the feed is second to none. No dust or particles that may be found in other hay. Transfeeder is also able to adjust the quality of hay to our specific needs. We are able to add more protein in the feed if needed. Our horses clean the hay right up with little to no waste saving us money in the long run. We highly recommend this product.

Jack, Tracey and Lori Stott
Stott’s Chuckwagons


Your product is FANTASTIC. My horses have been gobbling it up all winter and they look amazing! My 30 year old mare has had zero!! Respiratory issues since we have put her on this hay. Thanks for a great product!!

Kathleen Vander Helm

Top notch quality product, service and delivery! Our horses love the hay, the seniors have an easier time eating it. Consistent quality hay! Smaller bales are easier to handle and haul to shows. Delivery is wrapped and palleted for perfect storage.

Chrissy Botting