Our feed products are available in the following formats:

Grazer – 17 kg


With this option, each bale is delivered with no portioning or dividing in the bale. We find customers prefer this bale if they want longer fiber as the half cutting does shorten the fiber. It is also preferred by those that want a slow feeding option. A bale or portion of the bale can be placed in a hay net. We also see many users simply place a whole bale with the straps on, in a bunk, or on the ground. This works well when feeding multiple horses at the same time. By doing this, you are rationing and slow feeding at the same time. It is critical, however, to pick up the straps daily.

Available by special order only. Requires minimum order size and factory pickup.


Super Grazer – 20 kg

super grazer

This option is like Grazer with added weight to each bale. A Super Grazer is manufactured with individual bale weight set to 20 kg (+/-1 kg). This makes the bale increasingly difficult to take apart and slows the feed rate down even more than the Grazer bale.

Available by special order only. Requires minimum order size and factory pickup.


Easy Feed (1/2 cut) – 17 kg

easy feed half cut

With this option, each bale will come with an internal cut dividing the bale in half. This allows for precise rationing when required. Our bales are designed to be a two-day ration for a typical horse. Each horse has different needs and will depend upon other feeds you are giving them. Please check with your nutritionist or veterinarian for more detailed and professional advice.




Herd – 270 to 300 kg


This option delivers a 270-300 kg bale on a pallet like the 17 kg bales. Instead of 56 bales per pallet, you get 3 bales. This can replace the use of feeding round bales to multiple horses with the added benefit being able to slow feed by leaving the straps on. Some equipment is needed to move the bales into feeding position. No other bale racks and nets are needed.