Transfeeder Production Facility

Our plant is located in South Eastern Alberta near the community of Rolling Hills. The facility consists of forage processing system that allows us to blend, dry, heat treat, de-contaminate, fractionate, fine removal, and reconstitute into transportable packages.

Located on our site is a scale, office, shop, production facility, finished goods and raw inventory storage. We have 2.8 acres of covered storage. As a bio-refinery it has the greatest flexibility of any factory in North America.

The production unit is routinely inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and other foreign governments. Our environmental footprint surpasses all regulatory laws by Alberta Government.

The site is easily accessed from the Trans Canada Highway as well as highway 36. Highway 36 joins the NAFTAC corridor to the South of our plant which connects onto I-15 on the Canadian and USA border.

Our centralized location allows efficient collection of forage produced from irrigated and dry-land operations. We work with top farmers from Southern Alberta, South Western Saskatchewan, and Central Alberta.

Transfeeder Warehouse