Our Production Process

There are many advantages to this processing system:

  • Air washed to remove dust, mould and allergens
  • System removes heavy contaminants like rocks, metal and bones
  • Small easy to handle bales
  • Stable quality, bale to bale and shipment to shipment
  • Economical due to purchasing most common hay type in Canada
  • Blended to a standard grade not sorted from stacks or fields
  • Sized for efficient transport and storage

Superior Feed Quality

All foreign material removed from feed
Product screening passes through a metal detector
Air wash technology removes dust, mold and pollen
Low moisture
Long term storage stability
Heat treated for insects
Guaranteed quality standard

Delivery and Storage System

Small light weight bales
Delivered on pallets for handling ease
Consistent quality and weight for easy ration portioning
Timely onsite delivery
Storage and transportation savings