It's as easy as Easy Feed.

Highbred Horse Hya System Advantages

Highbred Easy Feed horse hay has been developed over 20 years of forage export experience. We rely on Canada's cool dry climate to create the most palatable grass forages in the world. With our naturally rich soil and long summer days our feed quality is unsurpassed. We process and blend the forages to create superior feed our process heat-treats, removes contamination, removes excess dust, balances moisture, and removes small particles to retain the long fibre. The packaging system produces consistent weight bales that are easy to handle and feed. The whole system is designed to deliver the best, safest, most efficient equine feed available.

For You
  • Air wash technology to remove dust and pollen ( cleaner air)
  • Small light weight bales
  • On pallets for ease of handling
  • Save on storage space
  • Saves on transportation costs
  • Increased feed efficiency
  • Product is guaranteed for quality
  • Security of supply
  • Timely onsite delivery
  • Economical
  For the Horse
  • Dust free feed (healthy lungs)
  • Consistent quality and weight (easy portion rationing)
  • No foreign material contamination (feed safety)
  • Low moisture (stable quality)
  • Heat treated (no insects)
  • Passed through a metal detector (feed safety)
  • Compact fiber to create healthy rate of intake (reduces boredom).




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