Highbred Easy Bed

The Natural Choice.

Highbred Easy Bed horse bedding is a manufactured product using straw residue. We purchase the best straw available to produce this exclusive Equine bedding.

Cereal straw is traditional bedding used in the equine industry. It drains well and is warm. Western Canada is a major producer of coarse grains and oilseeds. We take local straw and with our manufacturing process increase its performance and safety. The process creates a convenient, efficient delivery system that saves time and money.

The straw is passed through a tumble dryer and air fanned to remove dust, pollen, and mould. We can also add other forms of straw that increases absorbency performance. The heat treatment removes insects and reduces the moisture content to make the straw bale a comfortable clean bed. In passing the straw through the air wash system we are able to remove all heavy contaminants such as rocks, nails, bones, and wood.





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