International Products

International Sales
The total process is well suited for producing and delivering quality forage products to any country. We produce a package that allows us to ship our hay at the lowest possible costs. We can produce feeds that meet even the toughest plant quarantine rules. The following countries have approved the importation of our products: Japan, Korea, China, UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, USA, Thailand, Brunei, plus many more. We have shipped from the Arctic Islands to Tropical SE Asia.

If you have a specific location in mind and require us to investigate please contact us, we will determine if we can have access to that market.

Our process can custom mix any forage or straw available in Canada. Products can be mixed for all types of animals. Our primary markets have been for Horses, and Beef and Dairy Cows.


Common Plant Species for Export from Canada: (Availability will vary from Year to Year)

  • Timothy
  • Brome Grass
  • Alfalfa
  • Orchard Grass
  • Oat Hay and Straw
  • Fescue Hay and Straw
  • Rye Hay and Straw
  • Wheat and Barley Straw
  • Native Grass Mix
  • Race Horse Oats
  • Wood Shavings for Bedding









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